Unexpected Fruit

By Janice, Summer Intern at Willowtree

Coming into the final week of camp, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve the Willowtree community through Sonshine Day Camp. It has been an interesting and quite overwhelming journey: from learning all the kids' names, to running after all of them during their favourite game – Cops and Robbers. In between all of the fun and games though, I also thank God that he uses both the good and the bad to bring out His glory.

In preparing for camp I was told to not be discouraged when and if the youngest group of kids would be confused of the stories. However, the Spirit is continually at work and things will go according to His perfect timing. A verse that encourages me to believe in difficult times is Galatians 6:9 which says: “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap”. Through these fast but intense weeks of camp, I have noticed the evidence that this verse brings to light. Even though it’s just glimpses, I see this evidence or fruit in one-on-one conversations, Bible stories, and worship.

The first fruit I see comes from the one-on-one conversations, which are both bad and good. Usually these conversations come up when the kids have misbehaved or forgotten what is expected of them. But even when patience is tested, it is also a time to bring to light what God has ultimately done for us while we were broken. It gives a glimpse that even though we are broken and imperfect, God still wants to love us and we can be transformed, especially in the way we act towards others.

The kids that I teach Bible stories to are the youngest group. Sometimes they get super rowdy and impatient as they are expected to listen. Even in this situation, I can see the fruit that is being reaped.  When I get into the story, the kids start asking questions and they are engaged. It shows that they do listen to the stories and they know them by heart.

Last but certainly not least, worship bears fruit. After breakfast, this time may be the most chaotic time for the kids as they either run around, sit around uninterested, or get super engaged. It’s quite different and yet the same each day. On Wednesday’s however, our schedule is different from the usual dancing and singing. We set a time to reflect on who God is to us. During this time, I see that the kids really do experience and know God. They write and draw of His creation, the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on the cross, His resurrection, and symbols and pictures representing respect for God.

God works in mysterious ways and even when He doesn't seem to be present, He shows Himself and makes Himself known.


Janice is a first-time summer intern at Willowtree. She decided to become an intern because of the gospel and the call to serve and love all people.