Why Can’t We All Just Be Friends?

By Eliot Kim, Outreach Worker in Willowtree

As I began writing this reflection, while thinking about this month’s theme of respect, I realized that this is a huge deal for us as adults as well as our kids at our programs. I think most kids desire to be respected in some way but often seek approval in the world’s way. What do I mean by this? The true meaning and understanding of earning respect from others and ourselves is often lost in our culture based on status and performance. According to culture, respect depends on what we have, what we do, and what we achieve. Kids become so easily discouraged and hurt with words and actions that judge them in a negative way for their actions and achievements.

This month, our goal is to teach our kids to look at earning respect in God’s eyes (love and grace) and not our own. We are praying and hoping that the kids would understand that their value and respect isn’t based on the things that they’ve accomplished but rather on how God sees them as his loving and beautiful children just as they are.