TCM Devotions: Show Gentleness

Philippians 4:5 says, "Let your gentleness be evident to all."

What is the most fragile thing that you can think of? I remember when I was little I broke one of my moms glass lids to one of her favourite casserole dishes. It shattered into a thousand pieces all because I was rushing.

Similarly, many times I have not been gentle with others, whether its through harsh words or my actions. It's important to remember that you can hurt others with your behavior, just as you can be hurt by what others do. Because you are fragile, God wants you to be gentle with others. Not just with some people but with everyone. Even people who seem tough or who you don’t like so much are fragile. Your actions are evidence of your gentleness, and when you make an effort to be gentle with others, you show God's character to the world.

Who is someone who has show gentleness towards you? Who do you need to show more gentleness towards in your life?