Watch Your Ankles

By Jeff, Outreach Worker in Willowtree

A lot of the grade 4-6 kids are really in to playing basketball and soccer. One of the boys is always really slow to get involved because he is less confident in his skills, so normally he will just sit off to the side and watch. A few weeks ago, after EPIC tutoring program, we played a huge game of basketball and HE DECIDED TO PLAY. Many of our volunteers were watching the game, so when he scored a nice basket everyone started cheering really loudly. It was just really fun to play with him and see him succeed - and to hear him talk about how I couldn't stop him from scoring and that I should watch my ankles because his dribble moves were so good! 

One of the cool things about being present with the children and youth each day is seeing how they gain confidence in new areas and try new things. What can take it even further is when they are being recognized and celebrated for those things because encouraging one another and affirming one another in making an effort to try new things can be a big part of what is great about community!