First experience serving at TCM!

My name is Abby, I’m a 4th year U of T student studying concurrent education. This summer will be my first experience serving at Toronto City Mission. I am looking forward to spending the summer working at Sonshine Day Camp because as a future teacher I am excited for the chance to lead activities, and as a Christian I am eager to share my faith, and as someone who loves children, I am enthusiastic about getting to know and investing in the lives of the campers. In addition, I plan to teach in a developing country in a couple years and am very interested in long-term global missions working with kids, which makes this an incredible opportunity. I hope to help create a unique and welcoming environment which they look forward to and where the campers feel comfortable to be themselves. I also hope to learn more about Christ through the campers and my experience at the camp. I pray that we would develop good camper-staff relationships from the start of the program that would last and have a long-term effect on both the leaders and the children.

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