Summer Intern Reflection: Steeles-L’Amoreaux

By Stephanie Liew (Summer Intern at Steeles-L’Amoreaux)

Hi there!

My name is Stephanie, and I am interning as the camp director for Steeles L’Amoreaux this year.

We’re just about to complete our third week of camp now, and it has been quite a journey. While it has been an incredible blessing to teach the kids about Jesus and openly worship and share about God at camp, the challenge and also incredible opportunity, has been to demonstrate and exemplify God’s love in everything we do. I truly value the opportunities during discussion times after the bible lesson with the campers as they share about what they have learned, and I am always in awe of their knowledge. They are especially good at memorizing bible verses (Even two weeks later!). Furthermore, it has been so encouraging to see the kids demonstrate that knowledge in the way they communicate with each other, although they need reminders and guidance every now and then (as we all do). While they are still young and do get frustrated with losing, they also have been learning through these experiences the grace of God, and the way each one of them has been made differently, and how to love each other more because of it.

For instance, last week I had an “awe” moment watching the grade 3 and 4 boys play soccer. Oddly enough, our entire 3 and 4 group is all boys, and they are all very skilled soccer players. It was so encouraging watching them play soccer, passing the ball, working as a team, and having a safe place to play what they love. God reminded me of one of the purposes we were there; we were able to offer a safe environment for the kids to learn and grow. While the kids played, we could set boundaries and a structure that they could all have fun in. It was truly a ‘soccer-mom moment’ as I watched the kids kick the ball, and take some incredible shots. However, the next week was filled with more challenges as the campers began to grow in frustration with both their own and their teammates’ losses. Nevertheless, it was in these moments that we were able to remind them of God’s grace, of forgiving one another, and loving one another despite our differences, especially in times of our losses and mistakes.

This opportunity has truly been an amazing blessing from our Lord, as we are able to spend time sharing in the campers’ joys and supporting them through their trials.