My Burning Bush Moment

By Chara Benson (Role Model Moms Teacher – Flemingdon Park-Victoria Village)

I was at the beginning of a new semester once again and each day I was already finding it hard to wake up, pray, and slap a smile on my face. I was beginning to question whether there was someone else who could do my job way better, because at that point I was feeling inadequate in my faith and my skills.

About two weeks in, I was at a Bible study where we were learning about Moses who God calls from a burning bush. Moses tells God that he is unequipped. However, God will have none of it and says, “I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.” I was reminded that even though we are not capable or qualified God calls and equips us, and He will carry out His purpose. 

That same week one of my students came up to me and shared that she  had some bad experiences with the church when she was growing up. She proceeded to tell me that she had recently been praying to God and seeing “stuff happen” and was thinking of finding a church to attend. She asked me if I could recommend some good ones in her area. I was so humbled and amazed that despite my inadequacies my recent lack of faith, God still was carrying out His plan and purpose through me. I had a ‘burning bush’ moment and realized that God was calling me anew. The next week I went with my student to visit a church. She came out excited to go back to learn more and to be around others who have a relationship with God.

Have you had a “burning bush” moment lately?