SpikeBack Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules:

Standard outdoor volleyball rules apply. Additional rules included for the SpikeBack include:

  1. Substitutes are only allowed in the serving position.

  2. Games last until one team has reached 15 points or until time expires at 15 mins. If ties at the time signal, one final serve is played with the winner of the point breaking the tie (rally point).

  3. Spiking and overhand serving is allowed, but jump serves are not permitted.

  4. Each player may serve a maximum of 5 serves in a row. Team rotates to a new server after 5 points by any one server.

  5. A minimum of 2 female players must be on the court at all times unless both teams are in agreement to alternate arrangements.

  6. No alcohol allowed.

  7. Change rooms, showers, and lockers are available. Please bring locks with you if you have valuables.

  8. No glass bottles or cups are permitted in the building.

  9. No outside food is permitted except for what is provided by TCM. North Beach Volleyball has a full restaurant where you can purchase food. Menu.

  10. Food can be consumed in designated areas only—not on sand courts.

  11. No alcohol is to be consumed during the tournament.

Release, Waiver and Indemnity:
Each participant in the SpikeBack Tournament must read for comprehension and sign a release, waiver, and indemnity form in order to participate. Please make sure the form is completed and signed prior to your arrival at the registration table. This form along with your offline donations will be collected at registration. Find the form here.

Please refer to the SpikeBack Contest rules here.


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