Day 17: TLCs

Sonshine Day Camp is not only a fun and exciting time for the campers but also for the TLC (Teens Leading Communities) who help lead the activities.  The TLCs have been training throughout the school year and now they get to practice what they have learned.  For many of them they grew up attending the camp and now they are getting their first taste of what it means to have a job.  At the end of the summer, they receive a small honourarium for all their hard work.

Day 15: Local commuting

Some of our interns’ most memorable camp memories can be traced back to traveling with a child on a field trip or walking them from their housing complex to the camp.  During these times a child can really open up to share their excitement about what they just experienced on the trip, to the fears that they may have because of family struggles and to the joy they feel when they realize how much they are loved by God.