St. James Town


St. James Town represents the area with highest density in all of Canada (64,636.4 ppl/km² compared to 886.1 ppl/km² for Toronto). Over 50% of the families in St. James Town live below the poverty line. The majority of residents are new immigrants to Canada trying to make things work. However, as is often the case with low-income, low-wage families, the lack of opportunities often continues the cycle of poverty from generation to generation. The 2006 census confirmed for us that we are reaching a key demographic in St. James Town. The social profile for “North St. James Town” (Jarvis to Parliament, Bloor to Wellesley) places Tagalog (Filipino) at the top of the non-official home languages and Filipino as the largest ethnic group (2,950).

Programs offered at St. James Town:

Kids in Community (KIC)

Education Provided In Community (EPIC)

Youth Extreme

Teens Leading Communities (TLC)

Sonshine Day Camp

Role Model Moms (Life Skills)

Basketball for Dads

Meet the Outreach Workers

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St. James Town Community Partners:

Rotary Club of Toronto 
Knox Presbyterian Church