Summer Internships

The Summer Intern team will participate in community outreach and service projects, training and camp preparation activities during the first three weeks of their program. They will serve as staff in existing programs for kids, teens and parents impacted by poverty.

Under the direction of the Outreach Worker, the Summer Mission Interns attend training sessions and will work together with volunteers at day camp, to provide a caring, loving, safe and fun environment in which they will share the love of God in word and deed with the campers in their care.

Specific Duties


  1. Develop written learning goals, to be reviewed with the Director of Outreach at the end of the summer.
  2. Abide by TCM’s ministry guidelines and policies.
  3. Punctuality to all commitments.
  4. Recruit prayer support.

Sonshine Day Camp

  1. Be responsible for the campers under your care.
    a. Know where campers are at all times.
    b. Ensure a safe, respectful, and fun environment.
    c. Be familiar with campers’ allergies and other special needs.
  2. Share the Good News of Christ through your actions and attitudes.
  3. Share your faith through conversation and teaching.
  4. Pray for campers and their families.
  5. Encourage each camper to develop his or her full potential.
    a. Help them problem solve interpersonal dilemmas.
    b. Provide opportunities to discover and develop talents
    c. Teach them how to make “healthy” choices.

Camp Program

  1. Come well prepared for each day.
  2. Plan and prepare lessons, crafts, games, songs and other activities using the curriculum as your guide and reinforcing the theme of the day whenever possible.
  3. Request and gather necessary supplies and equipment well in advance.
  4. Test crafts, making completed models to show the students.
  5. Help set up and clean up at the beginning and end of each camp day.
  6. Take responsibility for an area of the program according to your skills and camp needs.

Staff Team

  1. Participate, providing leadership when requested, in all staff devotions, meetings, training, and social events.
  2. Support and encourage each other.
  3. Pray for each other.
  4. Promote unity.
  5. Problem solve interpersonal dilemmas.
  6. Work interdependently.


  1. To God – we are accountable for all we say and do as we serve His children. 
  2. Final decisions rest with Outreach Worker in consultation with Director of Outreach.
  3. Consult Outreach Worker for advice and direction in questionable situations.
  4. Communicate relevant information to other staff and report critical incidents to Outreach Worker before documenting information on the “Critical Incident Form”.
  5. Complete all evaluation/report forms as requested by Outreach Worker or Director of Outreach.
  6. Communicate with prayer supporters monthly.


  1. Committed to knowing and serving God.
  2. An active member of a Christian church.
  3. 18-25 years of age.
  4. Experience in leadership with children.
  5. First Aid certification.
  6. Clean personal and vulnerable sector checks.
  7. Completed training in TCM policies, procedures, expectations, and risk management (provided by TCM).
  8. Agree to sign the TCM Statement of Faith.

Dates, Times, Locations, Pay

  1. Interview period begins February 19, 2019
  2. Internship period is June 10 - August 16, 2019
    • Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
    • Three weeks of training, followed by seven weeks of Sonshine Day Camp.
    • Note: You must be available to work the full internship period to qualify.
  3. Pay: Minimum wage for the 10 weeks.