FAQ about Third Party Events?


What happens after I have submitted my event form?
After submitting your event form, you will be emailed by a TCM staff person about how to proceed.

I would like to have TCM staff and volunteers at my event. What do I do?
You may request to have a TCM staff person at your event, however we cannot guarantee their presence due to scheduling. A third party event is independently run by the event host. The event host is responsible to find helpers for their event. We are happy to provide you with resources such as poster templates, photography, and presentation templates.

If you would like to know more about TCM, please visit our Church Mission Toolkit for more information and resources. 

What support can I expect from TCM for my event?
We can provide you with the following support:

  • Promotional materials such as posters and pamphlets with our logo
  • Issuing of tax receipts

I have collected all my donations from my event, what do I do with it?
Terrific! Thank you for helping us raise support for TCM programs. Once all the money has been collected 
from your fundraiser, please write a cheque to Toronto City Mission and mail it. Please state on your cheque, it is from a third event party.

If you have cash please drop it off at our Head Office during our operating hours. 

Toronto City Mission
2610 Birchmount Road
Toronto, ON M1W 2P5

Can I get reimbursed for all the supplies I bought for my event?
Unfortunately, TCM is not responsible for supplying a budget for your own event. Please consider the cost of running your event and ensure it will be feasible for you and your event. 

Have more questions? Please email us.