Year Long Internships

Objectives of the Internship

  1. To cultivate and develop leadership skills while ministering to poor urban families throughout Toronto,
  2. To provide a combination of academic enhancement, spiritual formation and growth, and hands on training that will equip for life and ministry.

Description of the Internship
There are three components to the Year Long Internship program:

  1. Studies in Urban Mission and Theology.
  2. Spiritual Formation.
  3. Practical Experience.

The Study Component (15%) – Guided by an Outreach Worker

  1. Readings relevant to Urban Ministry. Responding to the readings will take place in the form of written assignments, as well as discussion with a Outreach Worker of TCM.
  2. Outcomes would include an increased understanding of: the kingdom of God, urban mission, the city environment, and a Biblical theology of community development.

The Spiritual Component (25%) – Guided by the Director of Outreach
The Spiritual component of the internship program focuses on the integration of ministry and spirituality with emphasis on the following:

Learning how to:

  1. Reflect on the living word of God.
  2. Discern the voice of God in our daily prayers.
  3. Do spiritual journaling.
  4. Grow in Christian character.
  5. Spiritually mentor another person.

The Practical Component (60%) – Guided by the Year Long Internship Coordinator

  1. Minister to 2 of the 6 ministry sites,
  2. Help local Outreach Workers in planning and executing programs,
  3. Become an active member of one local church,

Internship Cost
This program is offered without tuition charge to qualified applicants. Interns are eligible to raise up to $2000 (CAD) x 12 months to cover living expenses, resources, etc.

Program Entry Dates
May, September, or January

For more information on the Year Long Internship program please fill in this form. We will contact you with more details.