Volunteer Series: St. James Town

Interview by Michelle Lai (Outreach Worker in St. James Town) with EPIC tutoring volunteer Hogie Chang

Q. How and when did you get involved with Toronto City Mission?

A. I first got involved about 6 years ago with Sonshine Daycamp. I volunteered for the camp through my church. Elliott Shin (Director of Programs), who also goes to my church asked if I would be interested in tutoring junior high/high school students and I said, “Sure.” I’ve been part of the tutoring program ever since then.

Q. What made you decide to come back for more than one year?

A. I’ve found tutoring to be a great experience, and I’ve felt building relationships with students and volunteers takes more than just one year.

Q. What is your highlight from volunteering?

A. The moment where the light bulb goes on above the kids’ heads is always great. I also have a passion for board games and I’ve had some great memories of some of the games I’ve shared and played.

Q. We know you are a big board games person. How has this hobby of you’s been used by God at our EPIC tutoring program?

A. I hope my enthusiasm for these games have translated into better social interactions among students. I’d like the kids to unplug more from their electronic devices and try something different that can be challenging. The great thing about these games is that they can often cross different grades and social circles as well.

Q. What would you like others to know about TCM?
A. It’s a wonderful organization that does make a difference in the communities they are involved in. Tutoring kids can be challenging at times but very rewarding.