God’s Power

By Justin, Summer Intern at Kingston-Galloway

Camp has just begun and my excitement for the children is as high as ever. Just seeing all of them, both new and old, fills me with so much joy. However, even in my excitement, I would be remiss to say that there is no trepidation on my part. Looking back on my first summer, I don’t think I expected very much in terms of results when I started. I simply thought that God, in His sovereignty, would work in His own timing. However, as I start my second summer of camp, I am anxious to see great change in the children, but I am also dubious of my impact as an intern in their lives. Doubt is a dangerous thing, a crippling thing that can stymie one’s confidence in their own competence. I desperately desire to see the gospel transform lives in Kingston-Galloway, but I know how great my sin is and how far I fall short of the glory of God, which makes this impossible with my own power or abilities.

Despite all of this, I am comforted in knowing that only God has the power to save the lost and raise the dead to life.  I can therefore bring this camp, this community, and these children to God in prayer in full confidence that only He has the power to transform lives.

In the few short days of camp thus far, it is clear that God has been working in miraculous ways over the last couple of years. The kids are still as rambunctious as ever, and of course they have their moments of rage and nonsensical hysteriathey are children after all. But I have noticed a calmness in their demeanour and a willingness to listen that was not present during my first year. This encourages me to keep pressing on, not because I have any transformative power but because God is the only one who can bring them back to Him.

All this is to say that results are God’s job since I have no power to transform lives. Therefore, all I can do is simply walk each day in faith, knowing that He is calling those He elected back to Him and transforming their lives so that we will all one day celebrate with Him in perfect fellowship.


Justin is coming back to Kingston-Galloway as a summer intern.  He is excited to see the gospel's transformative power at work.