Hope through Education: Role Model Moms Testimonies


Teaching at Role Model Moms is a privilege that I am lucky to have.  Every day I get to come to work and walk alongside a group of strong, intelligent, and motivated women who continuously inspire me. I have put together a few different perspectives, ranging from the staff to the students, to share a bit more about what Role Model Moms is like.  I hope this gives some perspective and insight to the impact that this small but powerful program has on the women we get to serve.

From some of our current students

“I feel great.  Looking forward to completing the program, so I can get started on future studies.  This course has met and exceeded my expectations. I am very grateful to have come”

“I’ve learned a great deal and everyone is pleasant, and the teacher teaches and explains everything very well.”

“(I feel) positive and uplifted to go forth in life”

I feel that the Role Model Moms is a wonderful program with great teachers and amazing tutors. This course is what I expected because I am learning things that I never learned and understood.
— Current RMM Student

“I am looking forward to furthering my education in the medical field.  The GED program here at RMM has been my first step in that direction.”

(In response to what obstacles are making it hard for you to get your GED):

“MATH! I despise integers but I am slowly getting the hang of it”

“Nothing is standing in my way to achieve my dreams”

From one of our Graduates

What motivated you to register for the RMM Program?

Graduate from the RMM Program

Graduate from the RMM Program

Motivation came from my son and wanting to make a better future for my family.

What were your expectations from the program?

I expected that the program would help me find the right path to achieve my goals.  I plan on attending post secondary and getting a better career. I found that school was challenging and exciting at the same time.  The reason it was challenging was because I had left school many years ago. Now as an adult it is exciting because I can say I have gone back to school to get my diploma.

How did you find out about the program?

I was attending TDSB Essential Skills upgrading program.  My teacher there referred me to Role Model Moms because I had told her I wanted to attend college.  She recommended I get my GED high school equivalency in order attend post secondary.

Describe your first day:

I didn’t know what to expect.  I found the classroom to be a welcoming and friendly environment.  Class was motivational. The class was comfortable and it didn’t feel awkward at all.  The classroom was a mature setting. The students had similar backgrounds and perspectives.  

Why did you choose to continue in the class?

Determination.  I always remember a quote from my primary school teacher “ you try, try, until you succeed.” I knew if I didn’t try, I couldn’t succeed

What would you like to see changed if there was anything that could be different?

I wish there were more resources for the teacher.  Access to computers and internet would be helpful for assisting students in finding resources and doing work.  

What area are you considering studying?

Culinary and business management.  I always wanted to start my own business and have ideas for the future.  

Do you feel you have built positive relationships with other students or staff?


Yes.  I learned many years ago working in the hotel that you need to be able to work with a variety of different personalities.  RMM is an opportunity to work with many different types of people.

Would you recommend this program and if so why?

Of course! It is a second chance at life.  A chance to be independent. Back home without high school I had a job.  They needed a skillful person and I had the skills. Here it is different- you need your high school equivalency for any job. This program has a positive effect on the mothers who attend.  The staff are non judgemental, sincere, and encouraging. This is a non profit organization and it’s more dedicated to providing that wow service to mothers of any age. I’m living proof that hard work and dedication pays off!