Three years and counting!


It's been about three years since I first met the kids at Flemingdon Park for the first time. Over the years, there’s been a lot of good moments, as well as challenging times.


There were times of fun and happiness–usually each time we visited the pool. Times of surprise and excitement as campers showed off their best dance moves on dance day. Times of learning and listening to stories of Jesus during Big Group Bible. Times of challenge–kids bickering and getting into small fights. And times of peace and comfort - reflecting on the day during circle-time.

I am returning this summer to Flemingdon Park because I see hope in the relationships that have been developing over the past years. A hope that these relationships would help the children and me to grow closer to Christ. These past few weeks I have been praying that God would continue to prepare my heart for the kids. I am looking forward to all the things in store for this summer.


This time around, Sonshine Day Camp is seeing some big changes. The camp space is a lot smaller and the number of kids attending is also smaller. I have met and know most of the kids from past summer camps. But because of the smaller setting, I expect things to be very different. It will be more chill and intimate. In this setting, I hope that my relationship with the kids would deepen.