Slow Moving Mountain

By Grace Poon, Communications Coordinator

It has been seven weeks here at the TCM HQ.

It all started when my pastor sent me the job posting, “thought you might be interested in this”. I read the job description it was as if I had written down all my interests and skills on one page. I immediately smiled because I knew it was God that had prepared this for me. He led me through design school, a handful of semi-decent jobs, on a few missions trips, and then in His perfect timing, He presented this job opportunity that seamlessly fused together all of my work experiences, education, and personal passion to serve the city of Toronto (and beyond) into one role. I put together an application and sent message to my prayer community to start praying. I was in Ottawa visiting my family that week, so my first interview was over Skype. The interview was much more of a coffee time chat than a grueling hour of questioning. I wanted the job, but I lifted the unknowings of ‘if they like me’, ‘if there are better candidates’, ‘if I wasn’t qualified’ up to God because I knew I had to trust Him that he will provide me with exactly what He has planned in His time. The call came the next day (thank you God, you know how impatient I am) to schedule a meeting in person. One week later, I started as TCM’s Communications Coordinator.

I hear of big miraculous God stories sometimes, and I have experienced the dramatic greatness of God, but sometimes, maybe usually, God works quiet and calm manner and moves mountains so slowly that you don’t notice until you look up and realize how far that mountain has moved. This entire process has been very natural – there was no big event, no crazy story of beating out 10,000 candidates, no drama, I simply said yes to God and showed up on October 22 ready to serve. I had anxious feelings when I started here because everything was new and I felt like I had very big shoes to fill – I didn’t know everyone’s names, nor all the sites and programs, but I was expected to share stories of God’s work in TCM. I am reminded by my colleagues that the way things work around here, is we send those feelings up and we pray. And guess what? It works.

I look forward to continuing to serve those who are impacted by poverty. It is amazing what God is doing here at TCM, I have so much respect for our Outreach Workers and staff and their passion to serve in the field and develop relationships with kids and their families.

Jeremiah 29:11 is a verse that comes to my mind regularly, this reflection is just once instance of how this verse is true. For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’