Getting To Know Everyone

By: Michelle Wei, Summer Intern at Kingston-Galloway

It is the beginning of camp. I have no idea what memories will be made this summer, but I am really looking forward to interacting with the kids and my fellow interns. There is always something new and hilarious happening when all these people are mixed together in a summer camp environment. There are also many chances to learn, whether it be for a camper or a leader.

I think one of the most precious qualities of Sonshine Day Camp is the sense of community. People aren't afraid to approach new faces and have fun together because it's a comfortable environment. We can also speak freely and be super weird around each other without fear of judgment or rejection. I think this attitude of acceptance is driven by a love for each other and a love for God. Of course, there is also a common ground between all the camp leaders; that is our faith in Christ. That foundation is the bread that satisfies and fills us up. Everything else is just jam – it may be sweet to have with your bread, but it won’t satisfy like bread will.

Throughout training and lesson planning, there was always an emphasis on getting to know our team members. It is 100% worth the time because my team members are the ones who will be supporting me throughout the summer, as I will support them. I might not be the most social person, so I may not say it aloud to my team members but I really appreciate them. I hope that a similar kind of fellowship can be built with the children who attend our camp.

I would like to learn to put my full trust in God, and let Him steer this summer in whichever direction it goes. I know that it will be an exciting experience for our community!

Michelle is back at Kingston-Galloway for a second summer as an intern. She is very much looking forward to swim days, even though she can’t swim. In the future, she hopes to return to the neighbourhood as an urban planner and make Kingston-Galloway even more awesome.