TCM Tidbit #3

Christmas Dinners for Deserving People In Needy Homes

Like the Outing Fund, this department was also brought into operation through an aged lady’s gift of $40 to provide material for a good Christmas dinner for poor families unable, through force of circumstances, to get them for themselves.  Such dinners, it was agreed, should be cooked by the people who get them, in their own homes.  In the Christmas of 1899, we provided a goose, a turkey or a piece of meat with other necessaries for 429 persons and many a sad home was brightened and its inmates made glad and reminded of God’s best Christmas gift to men, even His well-beloved Son.  The articles of food were delivered by the store-keepers’ wagons, so that neighbours could not know from whence they came.  Each recipient received a neat card with the gift from the Missionaries through whom it was sent.