Developing Confidence over Pokémon

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Kids are really into Pokémon these days. They were popular when I was a kid too, so I can certainly relate. I never thought, however, that I would be using Pokémon in my ministry!

It all started when my aunt gave me a bunch of her son's old books. "He has outgrown them," she said. "Maybe your kids will like them."

One of these gems was a How to Draw Pokémon book. Since I loved to draw when I was a kid, I thought it would entertain our kids when they finished their homework. As predicted, the kids got really excited when they saw it. I was surprised to see, however, that none of them wanted to draw.

Maybe they just don't know how to use it, I thought to myself. I asked one of the boys which Pokémon he wanted me to draw, and I followed the instructions in the book to draw it for him. The kids were so impressed with the finished product that soon I had a backlog of orders!

This Pokémon business kept me busy for several days. Eventually, I couldn't keep up with the demand that I had no choice but to teach them how to draw their own!

Many of them hesitated at first. They would grumble and say: "I can't draw; I suck..." But with a little bit of direction and encouragement, they all started drawing pretty good Pokémon! The best part was seeing the look of pride on their faces when they were done. It was the look of "Wow, I created this?!"

Over the weeks, I have watched several kids grow in their confidence. Some of the quietest kids who rarely get noticed or praised, have turned out to be the most talented artists! As kids embrace more of who God has created them to be, I believe that God is glorified. Each person is gifted. Each person has a purpose. Each person is significant.

It is a privilege to watch little people discover their God-given gifts and talents. And it's exciting to see how God can take something like a Pokémon book and use it for his glory!