Final Updates

Dear friends,

Just a couple of updates:

1) Our last week of camp was on Aug 13th and it was filled with many joyful memories.

It was absolutely hectic, but I could not have done it without the wisdom, discernment, and strength of God AND without the support of my team and friends. Thank you for each and every one of your support and prayers!!

We had an alter call that was led by my one of our elders, Steve Chu, and almost all of our kids went up and prayed with him to accept Jesus Christ. Two of our kids were genuinely thirsting more about the Word and said that they felt "something tingling inside" and felt "happier". Praise God! The Holy Spirit filled one of those campers and drastically changed him inside and out. He was kinder, more gentle, and a great role model for our younger kids.

God worked in so many ways at Flemingdon Park this summer and many kids came to know Jesus.

2) Thank you for supporting me financially!!! It's because of you guys, I have literal support through this journey at TCM. I had to raise $1,830 and so far, I've raised $1617.  I have $213 left to fundraise and it's not too late to support me! Even if it's $5 or $10, I'd be so grateful!

3) I will still be building relationship with this community during the after school programs so please continue to pray for us!

Thank you again! God bless you all!