How do you get kids interacting with scripture that they can remember, and understand?

By Gala Castanos (Outreach Worker in Kingston-Galloway)

Music! In Kingston- Galloway music plays a huge part in our learning and discovering about who God is and what His Word tell us. On occasion, we use “The Rizers” videos that is scripture set to music for kids.

Too many times we often “dumb down” worship songs for children in order to make things “easy for them to understand”. We end up singing silly little songs with actions that mean little to nothing at all. In the chaos of camp and ministry, worship often becomes that “fun hype activity” that fills 15 minutes of program time.

This is a problem.

This robs children of an opportunity to see and respond to God in His radiant glory; and does not wholly nurture their faith in their understanding of who God is.

We need to give our children opportunities to interact with scriptural, theological truths about God in order to nurture faith that will sustain them for a lifetime; not just for 15 minutes.

Check out “The Rizers” – an animated  superhero pop band that sets the meaty truth of scripture to music. The songs are filled with the depth of Gods truth, as well as a catchy and memorable tune for kids to learn.Our kids love it and we hope you will too! ”