New Transitions

By Shelby, Role Model Moms Teacher / Outreach Worker at Jane-Finch

Christmas is always an exciting time at Role Model Moms.  We are finishing up most of our GED curriculum, getting ready for the January Exam Review weeks, and preparing to share the love of Jesus with our families!  Every year, I am surprised by how people in the city of Toronto reach out to bless our program.  This year, a small group from Bridletowne Park Church prepared 'swag' bags for each mom, filling it with beauty products, chocolates, and so much love!  We were also able to give each family the Action Bible, which the kids loved!  And a small devotional book by Beth Moore, which the moms were able to read over the holidays.  

When the moms returned after the Christmas break, it was an intense time of study.  I was very thankful for my faithful Friday volunteer, Susanne, who was able to help out with the very difficult math and social studies exam preparation.  My teaching assistant, Marie, was a student last year and she is our prime motivator and pushes those students over the obstacles, especially math word problems! with a cheerful smile, "YOU CAN DO IT!"  We will hear their results by March!

We have exciting news from our other staff member, Nakisha, as well.  She was a student last year, worked for Role Model Moms this year, and has been accepted to the Early Childhood Education program at Seneca in the fall. She currently works with the toddlers and babies while the moms are in class, so this will be a natural fit for her!  

God is always moving in the lives of the women in our program.   He is a constant source of comfort and strength.  He works in and through the community of people, both inside the classroom and outside, to bless these mothers who sacrifice so much for their families!