A Little Joy

By: Lawrence Kim - Outreach Worker in Kingston-Galloway

The new year has been keeping us busy here at Kingston-Galloway! With the relaunching of our youth programs, our TLC (Teens Leading Communities) and Junior Extreme, we've really had our hands full.

It's been a tiring two first months of the year for sure, but I've got something sustaining me. In the very few and very brief lulls of our program hours, I stop and observe. And what I see is truly awesome, I see kids that have a safe fun environment, growing and learning to respect themselves and to show that same respect to others. I'm so thankful for the work God is doing here, because it is tremendous. Kids that have had attitude and anger issues are softening and becoming welcoming and friendly. Others are learning to become respectful not only with their actions but with their words and their body language. Still, others are slowly growing into leaders as they implore other kids to behave well, to listen to instructions and to not be disruptive.

Seeing these moments fill me with a little joy, a little satisfaction. For a moment I get to glimpse into the fruit of our labours here, the payoff of this mission. These kids becoming transformed into wonderful likenesses of our heavenly Father. Still, it's only a little joy because there is so much more to go and so much more room for growth!

Yes, we still face setbacks, and yes the kids aren't perfect by any means. But I know that they are growing and it is evident that God is doing his transformative work here and that is reason for praise and thanksgiving!

Thanks for your support

  • Lawrence