TCM Tidbit #8

The City Mission Outing Fund For the Sick, Aged or Infirm originated in the 1800’s by a monetary gift from an “Old Woman” to Missionary Hall, to give a few feeble mothers a trip to the country.  The gift was augmented by others and having a number of the very poor and sickly, shut up in their too often dingy and unhealthy surroundings, the work soon began to be appreciated so that for several years, the money sent in has been sufficient to give two weeks in the country to every applicant who was found to come under the conditions laid down.  An evident need of change of air and being unable to provide it for themselves, the outings no doubt added years to the lives of some of those benefited and have been productive of great spiritual blessing and salvation to several of them.  Sixty-four people were sent off on outings in 1900.  The cost of board, railway and steamboat fares and other expenses that year amounted to $401.81, leaving in hand a balance of $6.01.