Walking with God

By PJ Trinidad, Outreach Worker in St. James Town

Some of the teens during Gift of Christmas 2016

Some of the teens during Gift of Christmas 2016

A few months ago, two of our teen girls from Youth Extreme attended Grace Toronto where one of our Outreach Workers and another volunteer go to church. This all started one evening during Youth Extreme when the female volunteer began talking about the Reformation and what was going on at the time. During the discussion, they talked about the difference between different churches and one of the girls expressed an interest in going to a church that’s different than the Catholic church that she currently attends. She convinced her friend to tag along with her.

They had a very positive experience. They found the service to be quite different from what they are used to in a Catholic mass. The people were friendly and the pastor was very engaging - they even took notes on their phones. During Youth Extreme, they told the volunteer that they want to go back to church.

It’s so amazing to me that God is moving in their lives and creating curiousity about church and their walk with God. I pray not just that they keep going to church, but also that they may they grow in their walk with Christ.