Through God’s transformational power, we build loving relationships to bring hope to children and families impacted by poverty.  


Families impacted by poverty will lead transformed lives.


  1. Compassion – We seek to stand with those who are suffering from the effects of poverty.
  2. Relationships – We value personal relationships with all our participants, partners and personnel.

  3. Dignity – We value the unique purpose and worth of every individual and seek to help them use their God-given abilities to give back to their communities.

  4. Integrity – We seek to be open and honest in all of our thoughts, words and actions


As a Christ-centred organzation, we transform lives by:

Transforming lives by building PREVENTATIVE PROGRAMS

We help children, youth, and adults rise above poverty by providing preventative programs. Our programs are designed to equip them to make wise choices about school, friends, relationships, work, and the future.


Transforming lives by building RELATIONSHIPS

Our desire is that every child, youth and adult in our programs will come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. We also believe in:

  • Presence: We build relationships with the community and strive to be a positive presence.
  • Partnerships: We rely on the relationship with our partners in order to multiply the effectiveness and breadth of impact.


Transforming lives by building LEADERS

Toronto City Mission is dedicated to building leaders in our city.

  • Volunteers and Interns: We invest in our volunteers and interns and in return these leaders give back to their city and are role models in the communities in which we serve.
  • Community Leaders: We intentionally mentor and equip children, youth, and adults to become leaders in their own communities through programs such as Teens Leading Communities.

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