Teens Leading Communities (TLC)

The TLC program seeks to train young people to be leaders who give back to their communities. Youth are trained throughout the year as they volunteer in KIC. During March Break and the summer, they are an essential support to Sonshine Day Camp. Our hope is that these TLCs will learn responsibility, develop their leadership skills, and grow in their journey of faith. TLCs are encouraged to return in the following years for additional training and guidance as they grow into adulthood.

TLC is provided in the following communities:

Kingston - Galloway


Testimonials from TLCs

“[Being a TLC] was a good reminder as to how whatever we do, we must do it to glorify God.” 

“I discovered that I loved serving God and others.” 

“I have benefited from this summer experience by learning more about the basics of leadership and becoming more social with everybody.  I also discovered that you should not be ashamed of your beliefs, specifically my belief about God.” 

“I discovered that my yearning for God is stronger that I realized.” 

“I discovered that God truly has so much planned for me and TCM has really shown that.” 

“I noticed that I was not just learning from the interns and leaders but also from the kids.  I learned how to communicate better with the kids about their faith.” 

“As I saw the kids grow in their faith, I grew in mine.” 

“I discovered that I can be confident in what I do.”