Mission Teams

Who & Where We Serve

During Sonshine Day Camp every March Break and for 7 weeks during the summer, we need mission teams to help programs run smoothly and in order to have the greatest impact on the lives of the children. Enjoy the sites and sounds of Toronto, while giving kids the best week of their life.


Purpose of Mission Teams

  • Build your relationship with God
  • Experience urban ministry
  • Awareness of local poverties
  • Opportunity to serve
  • Support Sonshine Day Camp staff


Who Can Join

  • At least 14 years old or having completed 9th grade.
  • Heart to serve God and a willingness to learn

If your church or group is interested in serving at a week of camp, please email Elliott.

Pierson has been coming to Toronto with his church in Oklahoma to serve since 2014!


What are your experiences volunteering with TCM?
It’s been a blast working with these kids. This is my fourth year working with TCM. And coming up for two extra weeks has been amazing because the team here has been amazing, and so has the kids.

Recount a great experience you’ve had.
Some kids are pretty closed off and don't open up or shown interest in faith or anything like that. But over the years I’ve seen the kids change too - seeing them grow as people and in their faith.

What are your future hopes for Kingston-Galloway?
I hope the kids continue to grow and learn about how much Jesus loves them. I know some of these kids have rough home lives and coming here to Sonshine Day Camp, I hope it will show them that even though life can be hard at home, there are still people who care about them and even if no one’s there God will always be there for them.

What our Mission Teams are saying about their experience:

“By far, the most positive and praiseworthy thing I experienced this week was the shift in the kids’ mentality about who God is and what faith is all about. We were intentional in our conversations with the campers about faith issues and the discussion portion after the Bible Time was especially helpful in furthering the dialogue. Through this, we were able to demonstrate and, by the same token, be reminded that faith and life intersect in the most unlikely of conversations and unexpected of places; it is at this junction that Christ is most glorified. ”
Youth Pastor – Summer 2012

"This mission was a way for me to serve God away from church, but not away from home. I enjoyed getting to know a lot of the campers and had an amazing time overall!"
Summer Mission Team Leader 2012 in St. James Town

"The children were amazing, the leaders did great, and the whole experience was a life-changing one.  Some of our students even went back to the camps on their own to visit the children again."
Summer Mission Team Leader 2012

“Seeing the youth in my team stepping out of their comfort zone to interact and connect with the children. Seeing their growth in leadership skills and their realization of their impact as role models to the kids.”
Youth Pastor – Summer 2011