Role Model Moms

Ingrid, a Role Model Moms graduate with Toronto City Mission, shares her story.

Faustina, a Role Model Moms graduate, shares her story of never giving up.

GED Program

Toronto City Mission partners with The Sprott Foundation to provide Role Model Moms for the Jane-Finch community. The main goal of the Role Model Moms program is to equip moms, who are at least 18 years old and have not completed their high school education, with the academic knowledge, confidence, and life skills necessary to successfully pass the high school equivalency exam regulated by the government of Ontario. It is our hope that by attaining a high school equivalency diploma, moms will have improved opportunities of employment that will better meet their family’s needs. The program is also designed to develop the confidence of each participant as well as their life skills (for example: time management, daily disciplines, and communication) through coaching and support. Increased capacity in these areas would translate into increased capabilities to negotiate the demands of raising a family.  The Role Model Moms program has been transformational in the lives of many women.  To read Cynthia’s story, click here.

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