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GED Program

Toronto City Mission partners with The Sprott Foundation to provide Role Model Moms (RMM) for the Jane-Finch and Victoria Village communities. The main goal of the Role Model Moms program is to equip moms, who are at least 18 years old and have not completed their high school education, with the academic knowledge, confidence, and life skills necessary to successfully pass the high school equivalency exam and increase their employment opportunities, which could help meet their family’s needs. Mothers, especially ones with young children, are no strangers to a hectic schedule; Role Model Moms offers free on-site child care services for students in the class, allowing the moms to recharge and give more attention to their academics. The teachers at RMM continuously provide an abundance of personal support and motivation to their students. 

Tylissa became a mother of two at the age of 17. She graduated Role Model Mom in 2015. Read her story here.

Thank you to the churches who have donated space for the Role Model Moms program:



STORIES FROM the role model moms program

Ingrid, a Role Model Moms graduate with Toronto City Mission, shares her story.