(Re)Connecting Community

By Chara, Outreach Worker / Role Model Moms teacher in Victoria Village

It is not unusual for past Role Model Moms to stay connected with the program after they graduate. Kayla came to Role Model Moms (RMM) in February 2012. At the time, she had a cute little son who was just under a year old. Kayla would quietly but diligently do her work in the back of the class. As I started to learn more about her, I found out that she was very creative! She would always come to class with neat hairstyles and would frequently dye her hair to a new fun colour! I found out that Kayla had dreams to eventually become a certified hairdresser and/or a bus driver. Another thing I noticed about her was how patient she was with little kids. So, after she passed her GED, I hired her on for a year contract to work in the RMM childcare. It was a joy to work with Kayla that year, and during that time I even allowed her to practice cutting my hair!  

After that year, Kayla went on to accomplish one of her goals by driving a school bus with her son along for the rides. In 2016 she took the leap to realize her other dream and applied to Marca College for hairdressing. Kayla is now working independently and offered to come back to RMM program where it all started. Myself and two moms from RMM ended up getting haircuts, including Lina, who had more than 13" to donate to a local charity (Angel Hair for Kids). This was a special moment to reconnect with a former student who has worked so hard for her new career ahead!