A Day at the East Side

By: Mark Manansala, Summer Intern at Willowtree

I've been doing this summer intern thing for a few years now. The first week is always something special.

There's just something about putting a bunch of Christian young adults together. Even though we may have never met, having the same God and the same goal makes us start off as a bit more than strangers.

I LOVE WHITBY DAY, the day we have a barbecue at the former TCM director's beautiful place.  (And no, it's not only because it takes me 5 minutes to drive to work that day (BLESS though)).But honestly.. I had fun there with some decent folks this year, doing simple things like throwing around a frisbee and telling riddles. Good stuff, really refreshing, both the company and the venue.

If any interns are reading, I hope you had fun at, and cherished training week. It's a rare experience! And if I could give one piece of solid advice, prioritize your relationship with God throughout this summer. Time with God every day, undivided attention, get on it - praying (talking and listening) and of course the Word. No point in doing the work if you forget WHO you're doing it for!

That’s all from me.

Mark Daniel, peacing out.

Mark Manansala is a summer intern at Willowtree - this is his 3rd year there. Apparently he liked Willowtree so much that he wouldn't work at another site, and God was kind enough to let him.