New Season. Deeper Relationships.

At TCM, we have the wonderful privilege and honour of taking up the call that God has placed in our hearts. A few weeks ago, we wrapped up 7 full weeks of summer day camps with some awesome kids and interns. It was great to see kids and staff build relationships with one another through all the different activities at camp. I hope that many of you were able to drop by our website and social media pages to read the intern blog posts. Those were an awesome reminder of all the wonderful things that God has worked through at camp.

We have countless amounts of interns, volunteers and sparks that partner with us in different capacities. Although not everyone is called to missions, I believe that we are called to love and serve one another, to make disciples, to deepen our relationship with Christ and make Him known. Each of the different ways our sparks are involved with us is a testament to what God is doing in our beloved city. My prayers is that through the time we spend together with the kids in building up God's kingdom, that all of us would continue to experience countless intimate experiences of the love of God.

As we tackle on a new season and a new school year, I look forward to seeing relationships deepen with our staff, the children and our sparks. We understand that deepening relationships doesn't happen right away but over time. Please keep us all in prayer as we partake another year in His glory and as we nurture our relationships with one another in faith and with our Father.