New Beginnings

God works in amazing and unexpected ways through life. Even after serving 4 summers as an intern, working full-time in the non-profit sector and venturing into building a business, God somehow directed me back to Toronto City Mission – but this time as a full-time staff.

I’m excited to be able to serve at Kingston-Galloway and be connected again with the children and youth in the community. It has been a pleasure to watch the children and youth grow in their achievements and curiosity in knowing about who God is. I’m looking forward in being present and to walk alongside the families in KG. I hope I can be a big sister to the children in supporting them with their academics, life decisions or just being a cheerleader in encouraging them to reach for their dreams.

After working in the secular non-profit sector, I have always felt something was missing. I discovered I needed a job where I can share about my faith openly, and have opportunities to talk about God. More importantly, I desired to serve in a mission that values building relationships that practices Christian values rather than reaching targets and numbers.

In the social work sector, we are consistently exploring the different solutions we can to alleviate poverty to provide social justice to this world. There are a variety of solutions that can help a family, but they are temporarily. It is only new life in Jesus that we can experience true healing, joy, love and forgiveness.

Because God loved me first, I can learn how to love the families I encounter. I hope to be able to share with the children that when we feel lost in the storms of life, we can rely on God who brings hope. I want them to know, there are people who are constantly praying for them.