Sonshine Daycamp Kingston-Galloway: TLC Reflection

By Enos Choy  (Outreach Worker at Kingston-Galloway)

Summer Reflections from Kingston-Galloway

Kaivon was one of our teen leaders at Kingston-Galloway during Sonshine Daycamp this summer. Below are some of his (paraphrased) thoughts:

Last year my younger sister joined Sonshine Daycamp. At the end of that summer, I heard there was a new Jr Extremeprogram so I joined with my friends. A few months later, the new TLC training program started so I also joined that too. When they announced they were hiring for a summer TLC position, I applied. And after sending in my resume and interviewing with the staff, I got the position as a summer TLC.

The Kingston-Galloway summer camp was an amazing experience. It taught me responsibility and how to work with younger and older kids other than my siblings at home. The kids aren’t bad, they just have little fights sometimes, which is normal, but they’re good kids.

Through the leaders, I can see the kids are learning who God is, and that God loves them. And the kids really enjoy the worship songs, they run around camp singing them all the time.

My favourite part about camp is swimming on Wednesdays. The waterside was really fun. I’m definitely coming back as a TLC next year!